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Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising is the best option to get your promotion to the right audience. In marketing world it is long time been to target your product to a specific audience.

How I know audience of my campaign?

Your campaign audience is all those induviduals who would be interested in your product, based on their location, age, occupation, relationship status, interests and various other indicators.

Targeted advertisement pricing

Targeted advertisement price is little bit more then random ad price, because of the percentage of possibility to obtain a new customer.

Targeted ad indicators

You should follow these simple guidlines for your ad campaign.
List of guidlines:

  • Target ad based on induvidual's age - teenagers, adults, seniors
  • Target ad based on induvidual's location - Europe, Asia, Germany, Russia, China, Madrid, Rome, Manhattan
  • Target ad based on induvidual's occupation - CEO, teacher, janitor
  • Target ad based on induvidual's relationship status - single, family with kids, married
  • Target ad based on induvidual's interests - banking, sports, music
  • Other indicators may be applicable