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Artis Zelmenis picture
Artis Zelmenis picture
Name Artis ZelmenisBorn on 1st April, 1992 Location Latvia, Riga Website Service #1 Website developmentService #2 SEOService #3 Internet marketing

Artis Zelmenis

I develope websites with the aim to promote services and goods. SEO is tool number one for me to promote websites. I intend to work in web industry as it is hobby of mine.


Artis Zelmenis is young web artist. He works with websites, website development and SEO. His actual job right now is SEO master at legal office.


Artis is young open minded and creative artist who sees himself in web design and marketing sphere.


To develop better environment for consumer and the company, to help real people find real jobs and to make advertising more enjoying.

Beginning of internet marketer career

Artis Zelmenis has an introduction with websites at teen age in informatics classes. Later on developing skills in programming of websites and web design he managed to succesfully start working in legal office where his major role as of today is webmaster and leading SEO campaign manager.

Development within

Artis released a new subpage MoveEurope (Source: Link) which is about immigration in Europe. Solo project based on comissions and earning.


He offers wide variety of services of internet marketing and website development. These services are:

  • Website development
  • Internet marketing
  • Company branding
  • Advertising
  • Helping people find job (non commercial)

On social networks

Artis Zelmenis on Google+.