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Web & Business with Artis zelmenis

Artis Zelmenis' website is deticated to various services and informational articles. I primarily offer website and webpage development for companies who mainly seek to improve their web presence and to maximize their web traffic by means of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Additionally I can provide online listing for your company, advertisment and photography services – to name just a few.


Website development, webpage design, SEO and internet marketing. Everything for a respectable company looking for online growth.


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Photographer in Latvia for your
wedding, graduation or any other event.
Save your memories
in a gallery.
Hire photographer now!


My associate, an attorney in Latvia can assist with all your business and immigration needs with limited liability companies, residency, Legal advice and help.


Advertise yourself, your company or your webpage. Best advertising services for small and medium enterprises, webpage with unique content or tools, or internet personalities.


Homework reviews based on grade level from 10th grade to high school. Mainly targeted at the Latvian educational system.


Take a peek at cool web projects. Projects done by Artis Zelmenis, find various web technology based projects.

Brief description of Artis Zelmenis' services

Services provided by Artis include, but are not limited to:

  • Webpage development and web tuition
  • Company listing with branding, link to website, quote, service list
  • People directories with services and contact information
  • Attorney services in Latvia
  • Photographer for gradutation, wedding, party or other event
  • Homework listing by various grade levels
  • Advertising - company, website, individual

Entertainment provided by Artis Zelmenis

On Artis' website you can entertain yourself by watching categorized videos from YouTube and other sources, as well as by reading interesting articles.


Put a company on the web, look for people in an online address book.
Entertain by watching videos or reading articles.