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Photo taking in Latvia is service provided by Artis Zelmenis in business connections with Nadīna Jemenja (junior photographer). Cooperation like such is perfect because Nadīna is great photographer and Artis makes this possible with digital processing (pictures to be beautiful) and internet marketing (photo taking services to be found).

Wedding photographing

Wedding photographing has to be done perfectly, as this day is one of most important an engaged couple part of life. This is what we do! Get your wedding gallery!

Gradutation photographing

Gradutation photographing will be taken in paparazzi style - anoying to others, invisible to evening star with great results in means of pictures.
Let the memory be saved!


Photography terminology, what photography is and what part of our lives it consumes these days. Why taking these memories is important for humans and who is biggest industry players?

Event photographing

Event photographing including birthday parties, banquets, business meetings, private parties will be taken and saved in type of gallery you choose. Get your event saved, get a gallery!

Digital processing

Digital processing will be done to your pictures to make them more appealing, yet to save what is most important - a realistic represantation of the event pictures have been taken.


Gallery will be provided for you after you make a order and photographing has been happened. The gallery type you decide - an album, cd/dvd disk or web gallery.
Choose one or any.


Pricing of photo taking services varies, but you can be sure, what you pay for is what you get!
Basic set is one night event of 6 hour and gallery in a cd with up to 30 images.