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Lawyer in Latvia

Lawyer in Latvia is collaboration project of attorney (physical person to do a lawyer job with legal documents) and internet marketer (Artis Zelmenis). The main goal is provide support for business and companies in Latvia or those who seek to establish a company in Latvia and to help these services to be founded by active internet marketing.

Establish company in Latvia

For Limited Liability Companies in Latvia:


Memorandum drafting and needed documents draft for it.


Advertise your company and your company's webpage. Best advertisment services for small and medium enterprises with all in one package - company's internet profile and website's review, backlink to website with targeted keywords, logo and branding of your company in niche specific only to your company.

Pros for lawyer in Latvia

Everything is legal.

Cons for lawyer in Latvia

There is none.

Legal documents

Agreement elaboration, cession contract and demand letter.