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These are all testimonials Artis Zelmenis have received so far.


He has talant to draw drawings and he make good interior design.


My immpression about Artis is from this website, he is hardworking.


He does his work accurately and always knows what to do. From what I've heard I am satisfied. I like what he is doing.


I can say few things about drawing on wall Artis did in his room. Even though I did not see the work process I can say he does it accurately. No matter how less time has left or him he does the best to make the most of. He is talanted and showed the best by his artwork. Artwork itself is abstract and it has something special.

Best partner

He does his work diligently and very carefully. Always knows what to do. From what I have seen I am satisfied with his work. I like the way he does his work, because when Artis works, he works at 100 percent. Happy to work together with such a men.


Friendly and spontaneous person, which I like, because I myself am adventurer.

Web developer

He makes really good websites.