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Shareholder change

Shareholder change preparation and support from lawyer in Latvia for company in Latvia. Document drafting, legal issues, everything is solved within our help.

The process of shareholder change

How the shareholder change will be proceeded, how much will it cost and how long does it take to be done? There are small changes between physical person or legal person to be changed as shareholder, but mainly the price stays the same.


If you want the fastened process for document examination then you will have to pay triple state fee. Register of Enterprises of The Republic of Latvia promises to process the paperwork in one day. Otherwise it is basic state fee and three work days to proceed.

  • Basic state fee - 10 LVL (15 EUR)
  • Translation work - 5 LVL (7 EUR) per page
  • Notary fee - 10 LVL (15 EUR)
  • Our fee - 50 LVL (70 EUR)
  • Total - 75 LVL (107 EUR) if normal three day option is choosen
  • Total - 95 LVL (137 EUR) if fast one day option is choosen

Write us to get shareholder change.

Documents needed if physical person

A document from Commercial Register is required if the entity is a physical person. Document should state the person is liable to sign any legal document in the name of company.

Documents needed if legal entity

In different case if the person is legal entity an apostille is needed for the documents to be proceeded.

When shareholder change is needed

In the course of business, the owner of a company sometimes has to change the composition of the company's shareholders. A change of shareholders may be useful in the following cases:

  • If the owner of the company was previously the officially nominated director, but decided to use the nominee service.
  • If the owner of the company has used the nominee service in the past, but on the contrary has decided to become the officially nominated director of the company
  • If the owner of the company has decided to sell the structure to another entrepreneur and the new owner wishes, after purchasing the company, to nominate new directors.

In these cases we will carry out the procedure for changing shareholders in the Register of Enterprises in Latvia, as well as ensuring receipt of the necessary corroborative documents.