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Demand letter

Demand letter (a.k.a. application) preperation from lawyer in Latvia for Limited Liability Companies registered in Latvia or induviduals under the law of Latvia.

Types of application

Demand letter in Latvia can have several defferent variations. The following list will introduce what type of demand application you can get drafted:

  • Application for divorce;
  • Both sides an application for divorce;
  • Application for approval of inheritance rights;
  • Application for recovery of benefits;
  • Application for reinstatement;
  • Application for creditor declaration claim;
  • Application of the requirements of provision before exercising;
  • Application for an uncontested obligations by notary bill of protest;
  • Application for liability enforcement;
  • Application;
  • Claim;

NOTE: We may decline drafting of an application for sole subjective reasons.

The process of application

How to get demand letter drafted, how much will it cost and how long does it take to be done?

There are many different types of demand application, thus making it hard to describe as one application. However the reason for application is to submit a request in courthouse for a demand towards another induvidual or legal entity.

  • Our starting from fee - 105 LVL (150 EUR)

Write us to make a demand application.

When demand letter is needed

There can be many cases when demand letter is needed or you just can't go on without. Demand letter works well in situations when second or third party has not made it's mandatory payment due to unknown reason. The letter also works great in cases when company has not fulfilled to do obligations towards another company or legal entity. There also is cases when demand application needs to be drafted in personal life (away from commerce) for reasons many of whom has been mentioned above.