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Memorandum preparation or to say memo document draft from a lawyer in Latvia for any type of life situation - tax law, law related to starting a company, law related to financial activity and other corporate laws.

Memorandum document draft simplier put is a legal analysis of given situation in front of the law.

The need for a memorandum

Memorandum document draft usually is needed when the induvidual or legal person need to defend their rights, opinion or actions as also when objection ir present to oppose any induvidual, other legal entity or public authority.

Write us to get memo drafting services.


Structure of memo is kept in simple format:

  • Question presented
  • Short answer
  • Presentation of facts
  • Discussion of consent and objection
  • Conclusion of what the outcome of matter is predicted

Memorandum draft project service

Memorandum document draft price is starting from 110 LVL (150EUR) and strongly depends on size, complexity, subject category.

NOTE: This offer is limited to jurisdiction of the Republic of Latvia.