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Changing company name

Changing company name and document drafting for name change service we provide for companies registered in Latvia.

Process of changing name of company

Change of company's name takes up to three days, although there is faster option and name change will take effect in one day, but the price will increase three times.

For company's name can be used letters of Latvian or Latin alphabet and name must be different from the name of already registered company.

  • Basic state fee - 20 LVL (30 EUR) or 60 LVL (90 EUR) one day fastened option
  • Publication in Latvijas Vēstnesis - 6,5 LVL (10 EUR)
  • Our fee - 50 LVL (70 EUR)
  • Total - 76,5 LVL (110 EUR)

Write us to change the name of the enterprise.

Reasons to change company's name

There are a variety of reasons to change a company name such as outdated cultural relevance, change of ownership, or transitioning to a new product mix.

A change of name occurs when a company decides to adopt a name which is different from its current registered name.
A company changing its name from SIA (Latvian - LLC) Waters to SIA Blue Ocean Waters, for example.

Who can submit for change of name

A name change for business only can be submited by business owners and other their authorized individuals.