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Website development

Artis Zelmenis is website developer based on PHP, HTML and CSS scripting languages. What it means? -A dynamic, well formatted and stylish website for your business!

Websites Artis do make

Websites Artis Zelmenis do make is meant for business, SEO, marketing purposes.
Functions who are included in website:

  • CSS based style
  • PHP based dynamics
  • One page template to dynamically load up the content
  • Business websites
  • Product description websites

Websites Artis Zelmenis DON'T make

  • Social portals (stop dreaming, there is facebook, twitter, stickam, youtube - your idea is not so unique)
  • Ideas with extensive work as the ROI for developer is low
  • eCommerce sites (again, just stop dreaming)
  • Email services and other type of websites you can think of at least 3 existing already

Website for business

This is main development goal, as in business you have straightforward idea and down to ground plan on what and how your website need to be. Artis Zelmenis develops websites for business and is ready to engage in ideas needed SEO. Contact Artis Zelmenis to develop your website.

Website for search engines

Artis Zelmenis provide website development to suite all client needs, branding be it a classy one or colorful, for SEO to rank high at search engines and more visitors engaging additional.

A website developed for your success

Get your website developed now! Hire Artis Zelmenis.