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Websites structure

Website nowadays have lost their standarts which can be aligned with a document standart. Websites no more have standart middle like header, a top navigation with simple text like buttons and few have stayed to classic text representation in websites content area. So what are websites structure?

A breaf introduction in structure of website

For a structure to be completed, every website needs it's domain name, server, HTML and/or PHP files and useful content.


Content that rocks

Content is important or how other way you will attract visitors?

For blog it is a must to stick with main theme of blog. For website which sells apples it is important to provide descriptive information on apples. For website that promotes awesome application or programm there needs to be information on app, how it works, why it is better then other and what benefits the application offers.

HTML is a websites skeleton

HTML is the container of the document you see in your browser. The web browser shows a text, images and links making it look better with CSS. CSS is a stylesheet that amuses many tech-savy artworkers making them to create masterpieces of digital world.

Server & domain name

Making a website with Artis, you will be delighfully helped with choosing the right domain name and server.

Domain name is the one you type in web browser adress bar e.g.

For server it is important to get the right settings and tools included as also the location of server to host your website.

Ask for help!

If interested, ask for help to Artis Zelmenis - your webmaster at full!