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WEB school

Web school is the place to learn how to make websites. Do it on your own or contact Artis Zelmenis in assistance.

In WEB school you can learn following things:

  • HTML tags, usage and history
  • Styling the web, CSS
  • Structure of websites
  • Internet marketing, social networking and blogging
  • Promoting and monetizing

3 pros to learn website development

Web is big, no it is huge with many, many, many websites each day striving to get in better position compared to rivals. To make a website it is not just few lines of code and you're set.
No, (take a deep breath) it is to get visitors. Sole purpose of website is to get visitors, to attract more people to your thought, app or service. And who knows - maybe to monetize your website.
Then why exactly you would learn a website development?

  • Be in 21st century at full - know how digital world operates and take advantage of it
  • To make your own website - 21st century's real estate, an investment
  • Make, promote and sell - the place for marketing

Web school and Artis Zelmenis

Artis Zelmenis gives you a chance to learn website development. From scratch like what is the meaning of code line and images in webpage to marketing of internet and monetizing website. Still, not sure? Read on.

Return on investment to learn programming a webpage

Internet gurus and blog sensei’s have made it to earn 7000$ (5400€) a month. Imagine what it can bring to you? -Your ever dreamed office with no boss, a car next to your house and more.

So how do we calculate return on investment to learn programming webpage?
Gain from investment is approximate 7000$ a month with hard work and few webpage programming lessons can be acquired in 6 months. So it goes up to 54000$ gain. The price for this kind of investment is almost none - just to learn how to make website and internet marketing. The amount varies from hundreds to thousands dollars based on what you aim for and depend on skill you already have. Let's take the Rambo level and imagine you want those 7000$ a month.

Return on investment = (108000 - 5000) / 5000 = 21% is what we get which is really great. 108000$ we get when round up to year.

Investing in website learning with ROI 21% in a year sounds impossible?

It is not. An easy web skill compound with some writing skill and your already evolving marketing skill upgraded to internet. Try this kind of investment! Contact Artis Zelmenis.

Web school for you

Web school really is for you to learn webpage coding with html, history of html etc.

Artis Zelmenis Web school runs on five star levels.

  1. HTML tags, HTML history, WWW, website knowledge that is for free
  2. HTML tags, usage of HTML and HTML tips, styling the web for amateurs
  3. Website designing for enthusiasts, HTML, CSS, basics to server, domain name
  4. Social networking, blogging, promoting your website to acquire visitors
  5. Skill of internet marketing, web monetizing and cash earning

Want to learn webpage coding?

Contact Artis Zelmenis now!