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Website design

Artis Zelmenis is website developer based on PHP, HTML and CSS scripting languages. What it means? -A dynamic, well formatted and stylish website for your business!

Website design is needed

Website design is needed for every self respecting website owner. Whatever you provide information on weather or sell a seeds your website lose a lot of visitors if your design does not fulfill main concepts.

Main concepts of website

Main concepts of website are navigation-ability, findability and informational fulfilling content.

Navigation of website

Navigation should be hierarchical - most important accessible with one click, less important two or more clicks. Website should include breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs is the path where user right now is located.

Findability through website

To find exactly what you're looking for in a website sometimes is not so easy. If developer of website mess something up you can get lost in website within a seconds and when it happens user leaves. Website designer makes sure it does not happen!

Informational content

If your website is about selling apples, then you should avoid putting just an images on website and not mentioning that people can actually buy apples. Best way to do this is to provide various descriptions on breeds you have all linking to one selling page. Further you can describe how to grow them, which is best soil, how to collect them and all these pages mentioning that you can buy a product (or contact to buy, or link to a buying page).

Website design for industries

Now we set up few rules every website should have. When that has been done, remember - most simple and most understandable always wins. Website design should represent the industry it is working in. Green - money and banking, blue - flights or fishery, yellow - crops and seeds. Website should represent the brand fully and best brands are one to three colored which means website should be top to three colors and no more to stay as top classy brand among all second category business.

A website developed for your success

Get your website developed now! Hire Artis Zelmenis.